Are you contemplating if you are going to make your own or buy ready made 30th birthday invitations for the party you are planning? Great news! You do not have to be an expert in making your own birthday invitations. Create a lasting impression with the invitations you will make through keeping in mind the following tips.


30th Birthday Invitations: Where To Get Started

The design, layout, colors, font face and size are important factors of an invitation. However, the words you will use play critical role as well.  I suggest you keep in mind the following essential parts. These must contain your invitations:

  • Honoree or the celebrator
  • Greeting
  • Date
  • Time
  • Place and address
  • Hosts
  • Attire or outfit
  • RSVP contact information
  • Registry information (if any)
  • Other important details


30th Birthday Invitations Themes

30th Birthday InvitationsThe first thing that you need to decide when making invitations is the theme. Start enticing your guests through the invitations. For instance, your theme is children’s party. On the front cover, you can put a baby or toddler picture of the celebrator. Then at the back side, put the latest picture of the celebrator.

I highly recommend you to consider the hobby of the honoree as a theme. Let’s say the celebrator loves capturing breathtaking scenarios or events. The theme that is great to use is a photo gallery or anything related with photography. An ideal invitation is a cardboard cut out in a camera shape. Or you can print different models of camera on a cardboard.

Always remember that the party is all about the birthday celebrator. It must be related with his or her hobby, interests and favorites.


Birthday Invitations: Poems And Quotes

Poems and famous quotes are great to be included in your invitations. It is ideal to get from the favorite authors or personalities of the celebrator the quotes or poems that you will put on the invitations. However, do not use lengthy poems or quotes that make any reader bored. It will also look crammed on the invites. A part or a stanza is just perfect.


Birthday Invitations: Length And Size

30th Birthday InvitationsYou need to decide the length and size of your invites. If it is only a one pager, 6×4 invite, it is best to keep the contents simple but still contain all the party details. On the other hand, if you have lots of space to fill, make use of it. Add several pictures that will fit in but not look crowded. Choose a design and layout that will fit on the size and length of your invites.

Another important consideration for your invitations is if the party will be a surprise. You need to indicate in the invites that guests must not tell the celebrator about the party. Include on the front cover “Ssshhh! We are cooking something for (insert celebrator’s name)” Let’s say you and the celebrator lives in one place. Put on the invites that confirmations must be done through sending email only. Put your email address and not your home phone number.

The type of party you have in mind must match with your invitations. Have a fun party through creating 30th birthday invitations that contain the right words and details.

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