Who says it is hard to make customized 30th birthday invitations? It might look hard to make one but with all the steps and tips, you can create the perfect invites for the party you are arranging.


30th Birthday Invitations: The Party Theme

One of the essential steps in preparing a party is choosing and deciding the theme to use. Once a theme has been decided, you can now start purchasing party supplies, planning the party, the games, party keepsakes, the menu and of course the invites.

I highly recommend that you decide on the theme based on the favorites, preferences, hobbies and interests of the honoree. Let’s say he or she is fond of collecting books about the magical world of the sorcerers. A good theme is “A Magical Night with (Insert the name of the celebrant)”


30th Birthday Invitations: How To Get Started

Now that you have a party theme, it’s time to start making your invites.

Here is the list of stuff you need:

  • Photo of the celebrant
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Editing software
  • Cardboard papers
  • Glitters, sequins and beads



30th Birthday Invitations1)      Cut-out the cardboard papers in book or magic wand shapes.

2)      Accentuate each cut-out using the available materials you have. You can buy these materials in any craft shop or you can simply dig from your house that can be reused and recycled.

3)      Place on the front side of the invite a picture of the celebrant and write or print catchy words. Below are some suggested wordings.

4)      At the back side, indicate all the details such as date, time, location and attire.

5)      Put the finished invite inside an envelope. Before you seal it, put a pinch of glitters. It will help create a magical mood once the guest opens the envelope and pull the invite.


Birthday Invitations: Wordings

You create an overall impact of birthday invitations if you partner it with the right words.

“(insert the name of the honoree) is turning three-0! He said, “I don’t want a party!” But I thought of throwing one for him as he enters a new decade with us.”

Join us in celebrating (Insert the name)’s big surprise birthday bash!

“Shhh…We are cooking something for (insert name of the celebrant) as he turns the big three-0”


Tips To Keep In Mind

  • 30th Birthday InvitationsWrite on your invites if the party is a surprise. You do not want someone to spill the months of planning and preparing.
  • The invites must reflect the personality of the celebrant. You need to set the mood starting from the invites.
  • Entice your guests through putting in the invites that there are lots of games and activities.
  • You can also put that the guests are encouraged to bring stuff related with the celebrant that they can show off during the program.
  • If the chosen date is near a long weekend, you need to prepare a save the date prior the birthday invitations. This is to make sure that your guests have blocked their schedule for the party.

Remember all the items mentioned above in creating 30th birthday invitations for you to come up the most memorable themed party.

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