Are you planning to create unique 30th birthday invitations for the party of a loved one? Another decade has passed: thirtieth birthday calls for a celebration after the 21st birthday. After nine years of not celebrating a birthday, it is time to make up for those years. Prepare a wonderful birthday party for the lucky person who is turning thirty years old. There are tips and unique ideas that can help you create your own unique birthday invitations that will not require you to be an expert.


30th Birthday Invitations: Select The Theme Party

One of the first decisions you need to make in planning a party is the party theme. Make the party full of energy and excitement by choosing the appropriate theme. I highly recommend that the theme must reflect the celebrant’s life, personality, favorite colors, hobbies, interests and tastes. The party is all about the honoree and not you as the host or party organizer. However, you are free to incorporate some personal touches or trademark in some aspects of the party planning.


30th Birthday Invitations: A List Of Ideas

  • 30th Birthday InvitationsAn invitation inside a bottle or jar: Write in a 4×4 piece of paper the party details. You can start collecting used bottles to serve as the container of your invites. Decide what kind of bottle or jar to use. Let’s say, the celebrant is a wine lover, use empty wine bottles.
  • Electronic invitation: This is excellent if you are on a tight budget and your expected guests are all capable of accessing the computer. It is the easiest and fastest way of telling your guests about the upcoming celebration. Create in editing software a nice invite with photos and party details. Send through email to all guests.
  • Video invitation: Another best way to save on the party costs is to make your own video invitation which can be saved in aDVDor just upload in a website.


Benefits Of Creating Your Own Set Of Unique Birthday Invitations

  • You can add your personal touch in every invite you create.
  • You have all the chances to customize each invite.
  • It is one way to save on party costs.
  • It unleashes your creativity and resourcefulness.


Tips To Remember In Making Birthday Invitations

  • 30th Birthday InvitationsThe invites must mirror the personality of the celebrant.
  • Get ideas from different online sellers of invitations. Incorporate your own ideas to come up personalized invites.
  • Put all the necessary party information in your invites such as date, time, venue, address and attire.
  • Make sure to indicate in your invites if a party is going to be a surprise one. You do not want to waste your energy in planning and preparing with one single guest who accidentally told the celebrant that there is a party for him or her.

A celebration of 30th birthday is a way of saluting the celebrant’s maturity and for the past two decades he or she has spent those wonderful years. It is the perfect time to reflect, cherish and celebrate the achievements and experiences. Make someone’s birthday a memorable one through making unique 30th birthday invitations.

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