Are you looking for tips on what to do and write on the 30th birthday invitations for the party you are planning? Great news! I have compiled here excellent tips that you can apply right away. These are easy steps that will not require you to be an expert in creating invitations.


30th Birthday Invitations: The Theme

A party with a theme will create fun and excitement to both the celebrant and the guests. Choose a theme that will reflect the tastes, preferences, favorites and hobbies of the celebrant. Let’s say he or she is into gardening as a hobby. The invites could be a shape of a sprinkler or the favorite plant or flower. Or if the celebrant is a collector of a certain brand of shoes, the invites are shaped like shoes in different colors. Be creative in choosing the theme to create an unforgettable party.


30th Birthday Invitations: How To Do It

You have now decided to make your own birthday invitations. Here are the things you need:

  • Cardboard paper
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Editing Software
  • Other creative stuff to decorate such as sequins, glitters and beads
  • Strings or yarn
  • Hole puncher
  • Colored papers

Let’s say the birthday party you are organizing is for someone who really likes rubber shoes. So your theme is “Casual Outfit and Rubber Shoes Day/Night.” This theme works for any men and women turning 30 years of age.



1)      Using colored sheets of cardboard, cut out a pair of rubber shoes.

2)      Decorate each invitation using sequins, beads and colored papers.

3)      Punch six holes. Insert the strings or yarn to serve as the shoe lace of the rubber shoes.

4)      Print on the front cover “You are invited to be part on the Casual and Rubber Shoes Party of (insert name of the celebrant).”

5)      On the back side, put all the party details such as date, time, place and address.


Birthday Invitations: Words To Write

30th Birthday InvitationsMake the birthday party a day or night to remember through setting the tone in the invites.

“Put on your rubber shoes, white shirt and blue jeans and let’s start the party for (insert the name of the celebrant). Shhh…It’s a surprise.”

At the front side: “(Insert the name of the celebrant) is feeling old. Let us welcome another new decade with her/him by wearing your oldest rubber shoes.”

At the back side: The oldest rubber shoes will win a prize.


Birthday Invitations: Other Tips To Remember

  • 30th Birthday InvitationsLet your invites tell your guests if the party will be a surprise of not.
  • Do not forget to put RSVP contact details. If it is a surprise, it is best to indicate your email address especially if you live in the same house with the celebrant.
  • Put the attire or what stuff to bring on the party. It could be some memorable photos of the guests together with the celebrant.
  • Entice your guests through putting exciting games and prizes are in stored.

An adult birthday party is a great celebration which involves good food, drinks, music and friends. Start the excitement through making your own 30th birthday invitations.

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